Alternative energy sources

This video is a fascinating look at some of the viable "free energy," non-poluting technologies that we COULD be using on this planet.

Race to Zero Point 1of4 (WMV 48megs)

Race to Zero Point 2of4 (WMV 48megs)

Race to Zero Point 3of4 (WMV 48megs)

Race to Zero Point 4of4 (WMV 48megs)

more videos, and the coal industry fighting back.

I am half way through watching this video. It is interesting.
The claims made therein are all interesting but I don't have the scientific background to draw any conclusion.
What I find most interesting is the lack of governemental support and funding for research that should prove (or disprove) those claims. On the contrary, it seems that as often on such occasions big interests make sure to spoil the commercial success of free-energy inventions.

I also mentionned this video, a while back:

Meanwhile traditional energy suppliers (coal) are fighting back to protect their interest against the influence that "An Inconvenient Truth" is having on public oppinion: