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a new book by Lester R. Brown

There is a mounting tide of public concern about where the world is
heading and a growing sense that we need to change course. The high prices
of gasoline and home heating oil and growing competition for the world's
dwindling oil resources are feeding this concern.

So, too, are the various manifestations of climate change, such as ice
melting, rising sea level, and more destructive storms. When Hurricane
Katrina left in its wake a bill for $200 billion--nearly seven times the
cost of any previous storm--it sent a message to the entire world.

Shrinking forests, collapsing fisheries, and spreading water shortages are
also fueling the growing public unease. At issue is whether we can move
from the current overshoot-and-collapse environmental path onto an
economic path that will sustain progress.

Now, for the first time, we have in PLAN B 2.0 a comprehensive, global
plan. It includes a restructuring of the global economy, the eradication
of poverty and stabilization of population, and the protection and
restoration of the earth's forests, soils, and fisheries.

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